Encounter Centered Couples Therapy

- a path to relational maturity

Join Hedy Schleifer for a two-day training, as she continues to deepen her latest thinking about the Art of Connection. Hedy's work over the last 30 years as a couples therapist has crystallized into a synergetic understanding of what she calls the "three invisible connectors": the Space, the Bridge and the Encounter. These three invisible connectors, when revealed and applied to a couple’s daily life, create a revolutionary paradigm shift. In her highly experiential style, Hedy will explore the realm of the "encounter', which combines the words of each partner's individual story, with the body's vast potential for emotional and spiritual expression. Hedy will delve into the rituals that help couples become "bilingual", learning and internalizing the vocabulary of the "other".  Hedy will also decode the complex distinction between the adaptive “survival dance”, and the dance of life in connection.


In her inimitable fashion, Hedy will bring to this training the two-day structure she developed called the Connection Quest.  She will present the rational for each stage of the work, as well as why she sees it as a laboratory for Relational Maturity.  She will share her current thinking about the distinction between the dialogical "meeting of the minds", and the spiritual "encounter of the souls". Through lectures, in vivo demonstrations, video tape, group discussion and Q&A sessions, Hedy will invite you to leave the training with a clear vision of how to achieve an even more relaxed and responsive therapeutic stance with couples, and with enhanced skills of "holding the space" for them.


Learning Objectives:


At the conclusion of this program participants will be able to:


  1. Apply a step by step pragmatic structure to support couples in a transformative process 
  2. Recognize the difference in a couples exchange between the adaptive survival dance and the dance of life in connection with special attention given to the relational developmental stages of a couple
  3. Practice rituals and skills to assist couples in becoming "bilingual" and learning the vocabulary of the "other"
  4. Utilize practical well delineated techniques for assisting couples to grow their attention span, focus, concentration and presence to each other
  5. Observe the synergy of the verbal expression of couples with the rich and intense realm of the body's vast expressive capacity
  6. Recognize the difference in a couples exchange between dialogical domain and the domain of the encounter.

Open to:   Couple therapists and relationship coaches

When:      20 – 21 Feb 2012  kl 9.00 – 18.30

Where:    Ersta Konferens, Stockholm

Tuition:    4.400 Skr (medlemmar i Svenska Imagoföreningen 3.600 kr)

For more information or to register:

Contact Cecilia Hörnell-Sunar at hornell.cecilia@gmail.com





Need a place to stay when you are at the workshop?


Ersta Konferens, where the workshop will take place, has rooms. Click here for more info.


Another hotel nearby is Columbus. They have both a hotel part and a cheaper hostel part.

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